Le Brume Jardin translates to ‘The Garden Haze’ or Mist’. We find that not all gardens are sunny or perfect and many beautiful things bloom and blossom after or before the sunshine. ‘The Garden Haze’ also phonetically sounds like our name, Phillips-Hayes. Jenny Phillips has been making clothes since age 14. She opened a boutique for her and local LA designers to showcase their unique, one of a kind and handmade designs and art in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles in 2000. After closing her shop, Sirens & Sailors in 2010, she worked in wardrobe and costuming on films til recently.
In 2021, Le Brume Jardin blossomed out of the love of creating special and unique pieces to wear and behold. Jenny and her daughter Jessamyn, found a common craft and time spent together by creating clothing, jewelry and art together. 
 We use materials from our garden, and natural or sustainable materials. Our love of flowers, plants, gardens, and inspiration from nature, keep us creating and making special  things for you.   



New, Handmade botanical jewelry made with real flowers. fruit, herbs, plants , grains, and eco-friendly and /or plant based materials .  

We pick most of our botanicals from our garden in Los Angeles. 

Reimagined Clothing

We do our best to help reduce our carbon footprint and help where we can to save our environment and to help Mother Earth while staying on a creative path. 

Our Reimagined Clothing selections are New Designs made from recycled, vintage, or old-stock fabrics. If vintage fabrics are used, it is to preserve and reuse a damaged piece, while being mindful of antique textiles and their preservation and importance.  All fabrics are clean or cleaned before sewing and transforming ideas into new designs . All pieces are made in Los Angeles, CA. 




We will soon carry a small selection of carefully curated vintage pieces. Our love of true vintage Is a great and timeless inspiration for our shoppe. We would be remiss to not include some favorites for you. 

Thank you for checking us out and supporting ! 
Please take care of The environment. yourself and each other! !

Merci beaucoup.


*Please contact us regarding special requests or interest in a sold out item. We are happy to make more or work with you. 


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 Thank you for your interest and checking us out!